Computer Repair

Is your computer running slow? Let us help with all of your computer repair needs!

Computer Checkup – Bring your computer in for a routine checkup to extend your systems life.  Flat rate $50 for routine maintenance.

Drop off or send in your system for a routine checkup. This includes removing dust and debree from within the system, cleaning the exterior, power supply and adapter tests, hard drive and memory tests, and cooling fan checks.

Proper cooling and power for your system increases its lifespan!

Laptop power pin replacement
– Damage to the power pin stops power from reaching the internals of the laptop. Standard rate $150 (More for rush service/ overnight part shipping / or abnormal power pin cost)

Damage to the power pin typically occurs from tripping over the cord or continual use of power supply with worn connector.  Let us check your laptop power connection and power supply before you throw away your laptop.  
Broken or dimming LCD screen
– Let us find a resolution for your laptop screen problem. On average, this type of repair costs between $100 to $250 depending on the extent of repairs needed and parts costs.

Operating system reload without backup $85

Operating system reload with backup $150 – application reinstall, file and document restoration.

IPod touch, Phone or tablet screen repair $90 – $150 – cost depends on make and model as this determines the cost of parts.
Whatever your flavor – Linux, Windows (any version), or apple, we know and understand them all. If you’re past the point of no return and need to restore your system to factory but don’t know how, let us help! We can image your current system and data to an external drive, perform the reload, assist with application reload, and yes, restore your data, pictures, files, and email to a freshly reloaded system.

Hard Drive Data Wipe/ Destruction$25 per drive
We can destroy the data on any hard drive so no one can peek into the data once stored on the drive. We understand how important personal and business information is and don’t want someone else to have access to your information.  Bring us your old drive and we will perform a department of defense data wipe on the unit and follow it up by physically destroying the media to insure no one ever accesses the old disk.


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