Computer Sales

We specialize in the planning and selection of the right computer system(s) for our customers all over Mississippi and the Southeast. So if you're in the market for a pre-built or custom designed computer system we have what you need! Our systems are designed to fit the tasks required, and can handle simple word processing or the extreme media applications such as; music, video, and of course games!

custom acrylic computer case

Need a unit for gaming or video editing then let us design it. Our latest build for a local client consisted of a Full-Tower, Polished Aluminum Chasis, with a 750 WATT Power Supply, NVidia Graphics with 2 GB DDR5 Memory, 16 Gigabytes of memory, 3 Terabytes of data storage (5-year warranty on hard drives) , Windows 7 x64 Professional edition, Blue Ray player (DVDRW), a top-end mainboard with NVIDIA SLI and ATI CROSSFIRE support, and of course some of the latest games to get them started. The only thing the system lacks is a coffee dispenser and beer holder for those late night events. But who knows maybe we can work that into your build if you desire.

Are you in the mood for something a little bit different try an Ubuntu Linux system. Comes with all the software you will ever need pre-loaded and configured to your specifications. The great thing about an Ubuntu system is they are much less susceptible to viruses and the operating system doesn't add anything to the cost of the computer itself. (e.g., Windows 10 Professional adds to unit cost, Microsoft Office Business another additional expense) Let us see if Ubuntu is a fit for you call or txt 601-336-0185 for more information. If your looking for something basic for home or business we can do that too! From Laptops to Desktops we can get what you need give us a call 601-336-0185.

custom computer with solid state

Many small offices or home offices simply can't spare the room required for a typical server rack. Computer Brilliance provides alternatives for mounting servers and computers on the wall, in data closets or against any flat surface.