Malware / Virus Removal

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Virus and Spyware clean-up – Let us clean up your system and get it back to normal.

Viruses and Spyware are more abundant and agressive than ever before and can come from anywhere on the net. The latest malware (as shown below) imitates antivirus software, prompting for credit card information for renewel or purchase.   Signs that your system has been infected are slower than normal response, Internet goes places you didn’t request, pop-ups, and more.  Some of the new viruses like crypto locker even destroy the data on your system and require a ransom be paid in order to get your data back. antivirus image

If you see something like this stay away… don’t click… don’t load… back away and let us help you clean your system.

If you catch a problem early and have high speed Internet we can clean your system from remote.
Cost varies and is highly dependent on level of infection on average we clean a system for between $85-$160.

Need something better than the free protection you’re currently running?
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