Networking / Wireless

Network Security Thanks to our alliance with Fortinet we can offer a complete IT security solution from data logging to spam filtering.The Fortigate security appliance delivers web content filtering, secure remote access (VPN), scans for intrusions, viruses and spyware, and provides QOS routing.Do you have multiple locations to secure and the task is so daunting you can’t maintain all sites effectively. With a Forti-manager all policies and forti-appliances are maintained centrally and easily from the main office.Unsure of where your bandwidth is going and constantly having to grow your pipes. Add a Forti-Analyzer to get detail reporting and logging from your forti-appliances and syslog-compatible devices. The analyzer provides advanced security management functions such as quarantined file archiving, event correlation, network vulnerability assessments, traffic analysis, and archiving of email, Web access, instant messaging, and file transfer content.Managing e-mail is a growing challenge in any business, but with the advanced inspection capabilities and anti-spam filtering features in the Forti-mail appliance this gruesome task becomes a breeze.Ready for a robust solution then give us a call at 601.336.0185. cisco logo fortinet logo netgear logo
Home/ Office Networking Computer Networks are a must in any home or business and with years of experience our staff can deliver an efficient, reliable network to fit your needs. Let us perform a free assessment to identify current equipment, warranty status, and existing issues. We’ll provide documentation of the current environment and a recommendation for moving your network forward. linksys logo d link logo encore logo
Wireless Networking
Wireless can make your business more responsive, competitive, and connected. Terms like Bluetooth, WiFi, WLAN, and Broadband/Wireless WAN have become a part of our daily vocabulary. The technologies help your business keep up with the ever-changing market when you know enough to make the most of them. Let us help you choose the right wireless technology so you can work more productively and stay connected no matter where you are.

October 2009, Computer Brilliance assists Hattiesburg KIA with VPN and Broadband wireless so that they can perform remote car sale, 20 miles from their main office.