Who we are

Our company

Computer Brilliance, is an IT, Internet, and Voice Service provider based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  One of the areas first “Managed Service Providers,” offering fixed-price IT services and IT support long before it was popular.  With the right partners we can deliver IT management and design, Internet service, Infrastructure, Security, and Voice anywhere in the U.S.

Our team

Our team of college educated, experienced IT staff members are focused on our customers and their needs. The team has managed hundreds of projects from small to large, bringing decades of experience to the table.  Skilled in Windows, Linux, security, networks, voice and video we can deliver solutions for almost any need.


Through partnerships with industry leaders and innovators we can deliver cutting edge technology to our clients.  Monitoring, security, web filtering and productivity tracking anywhere our customer endpoints travel.  Video surveillance reviewable and searchable from anywhere on the planet.  A complete view of the customer networks and what is happening real-time from anywhere.  This state of the art technology is affordable and unlike anything our competitors have to offer.

Our Values

Our team values delivering quality and unique IT solutions and service to each customer. Our company culture ensures that our service is second to none and that our customers come first.

Do it right

We pride ourselves on the integrity  of our team and their ability to ensure we give our clients the best experience possible. We do everything within our power to make it better than it was before.

Security Conscious

Your business needs a managed service provider that uses best practice methods and improves the security landscape. Sound technology investments and management allow you to focus on more profitable ventures for your company.