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Fully Unified Communication Solution

Video Conferencing
E-fax from Anywhere
SIP Phones (Polycom & Yealink)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) gives workers instant access to dynamic voice and collaboration tools from any device, any time. This suite of capabilities enables faster decision making and enhances worker productivity— especially for companies with mobile employees and remote workers. With UCaaS, if you can connect to the internet, you are open for business.

4 Ways UCaaS Helps SMBs Grow Enhances Scalability.

UCaaS easily scales to match the ebb and flow of business. Through an easy-to-use web portal interface, administrators can nearly instantly add and delete users and update features for groups or individual users.  As a result, companies can quickly add people to satisfy growing demand or test a new market by opening a virtual office before investing in additional personnel and/or brick and mortar locations.

Increases Mobility. In today’s competitive business environment, agility is key. Rather than being held back by the legacy of the desktop-based interface, employees can use their mobile devices to make sales, serve customers and collaborate with their coworkers while on the go.

Expands Talent Pool. A frequently overlooked benefit of implementing UCaaS is that it significantly expands an SMB’s talent pool. Employees in remote locations or with mobile devices can work efficiently and collaboratively from anywhere, allowing employers to hire the best-available talent nationwide.

Future-Proofs Communications Tech. UCaaS requires no hardware or software upgrades to take advantage of new apps and features.  Our hardware and software upgrades occur automatically in the background. This ensures that SMBs always have access to the latest UC innovations to support their growth plans.

Yealink T54W
bluetooth to deskphone
mobile UCaaS client