Video Surveillance

We deliver state of the art video surveillance for our customers.  Each solution is customized to the project and needs of our customer.  We handle each project with care as we realize the decisions about security are critical business matters and do not go away.  Whether we are deploying as a measure for employee safety, vehicle monitoring, loss reduction, vandalism or theft.  Having the means to see a situation no matter what the time of day is essential.

Our solutions are all IP based and have been tested over time.  We have home and small business solutions, mid-sized business solutions and enterprise-grade multi-location solutions.

Small solutions can use IP HD recorders with storage up to 12TB for local storage to record 8-16 cameras and come with a 2-year warranty.  Cloud based cameras and recording can also be used in small solutions to remove the need for the recorder. 

Mid-sized solutions are similar to the small business or home solutions except a higher grade of equipment is used that comes with a 5-year warranty.

Our enterprise-grade solution uses storage within the cameras and cloud based systems to store video with AI capabilities.  With face recognition and tagging you can find video on all cameras at all sites related to an individual.  Capabilities to capture and see license plates, search by color of clothing, gender and more is a possibility.  Complete enterprise solution viewable from anywhere carrying a 10-year warranty.  Requires enterprise networking and virtual LANs to maintain quality of the network. 

360 degree surveillance

About CCTV

With enterprise grade network switches, virtual LANs, POE, and Category 6 network cabling, video surveillance cameras can be installed and managed without impact to our customer networks.

With 3TB HDD built in and up to 12TB storage capacity, our POE surveillance system supports all cameras to record continuously at the same time. You will have all-day videos without missing a beat.  The length of video stored for review will be determined by the storage capacity, number of cameras, and image quality used for recording.

With the on-camera technology of analyzing person and vehicle shapes, our IP surveillance system can accurately detect humans and vehicles, ignore other less important objects, and thus greatly reduce the false alarms.

The camerasโ€™ infrared lights enable excellent nighttime recording. With up to 100ft night vision, this security system continues to keep your family firmly guarded after sundown.

Home Security

Home security jumps from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD โ€“ 1.6X clearer than Super HD and 4X clearer than 1080p HD. Details you see around home or store will be reproduced perfectly in live streaming and playback.

Office Security

4k Ultra HD cameras plus recorder with 2 or 5 year warranty.  Viewable from both mobile and desktop applications.  Motion alerts once it detects something suspicious, this motion-triggered camera will send to your device an instant push notification. View all cameras with multi-cam live feed viewing applications and mobile apps.
With enterprise grade cameras get facial recognition real-time alerts across all cameras and locations for people of interest.  Our different commercial systems come with 2, 5, and 10 year warranties.

CCTV Cameras

Smart PoE IP cameras support 24/7 continuous, motion-triggered and scheduled recording. Videos of all those 3 recording types can be saved into the micro SD card, NVR, or a FTP server.  An IP camera can store 97 hours of recordings local with 256GB SD card.  The rugged housing and body make our IP cameras waterproof.  Works perfectly inside and outside your house, and in any harsh weather conditions.  IP66 weatherproof certified.  The 18 powerful infrared LEDs in our 4K security camera emit invisible lights that pierce the darkness up to 100 feet. Also, the 3D-DNR technology dramatically reduces noise levels โ€“ ensuring clearer, sharper and smoother night performance.
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